Crowd-sourced verification of Covid19 resources —

Building a centralized system for covid19 resource leads, co-verified by the people:


Coming together

In 2021, social media platforms are powerful tools. A friend shared (and re-shared) a story on Instagram calling for volunteers who wanted to get together to come up with potential solutions. Interested individuals replied and quick a Discord channel was set up for communication.

1. How do we access and verify large amounts of data (contacts)?
2. How do we make it accessible to tier-2 and tier-3 cities (and at a later point, towns and villages)?
3. How do we keep this information updated over time?

A few of the existing initiatives banked on volunteers for verification — calling various contacts in a city and marking them as valid or not. An issue with this route is scaling to multiple cities. Many of the of the volunteer groups existed for larger cities. For smaller cities, towns and villages, it is much harder to pool such resources. Non-centralized resources also mean it is harder to track whether a vendor has run out of some resource. Having volunteers call and re-call these contacts works, but it is time consuming.

Two aspects stood out for me: communication and trust

After a couple of weeks of work, we did a soft launch with a few NGO volunteers, friends and family. (Coverify is a not-for-profit initiative.)

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