This article defines impulse response, how to estimate a room/microphone IR and its usage in data augmentation for deep learning.

The Kumaraswamy distribution pdf (left) and cdf (right) for various shape parameter values. The original version of this illustration is from Bastings et al. (2019).

The Kumaraswamy distribution

Building a centralized system for covid19 resource leads, co-verified by the people:



pip install --upgrade torch
pip install tb-nightly
from torch.utils.tensorboard import SummaryWriter
writer = SummaryWriter(log_dir='./logs')# Track variables (e.g. loss, kld, etc.) that change
writer.add_scalar('KL Divergence', kl_div)
writer.add_scalar('Total Loss', loss)
writer.add_text('Decoder output', 'Some output')
tensorboard --logdir=logs
PyTorch 1.1 with Tensorboard ❤

Akash Raj

Artificial Intelligence Researcher | Developer

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