This article defines impulse response, how to estimate a room/microphone IR and its usage in data augmentation for deep learning.

ArXiv Enhanced is a browser extension which can be used to add comments, tags and other details for an arXiv paper and store them in a notion database. This article covers tips on building the chrome plugin, building with webpack, and touches upon the notion API. In a later article I will discuss other features of the extension — adding notes to pdf, highlighting and OAuth.

Notion database showing the various columns

1. Problem

A while ago, we formulated a variant of Sudoku called the “bridge” Sudoku. We were curious on how it compared to solving a typical Sudoku in terms of difficulty. We encode bridge Sudoku based on the minimal encoding scheme. The statistics given by the minisat solver are used to comment on the difficulty of solving the Sudoku. We found that considering the above statistics, it is easier to solve a bridge Sudoku against solving the corresponding standard Sudokus.

Definition and Problem Formulation

The Kumaraswamy distribution pdf (left) and cdf (right) for various shape parameter values. The original version of this illustration is from Bastings et al. (2019).

The Kumaraswamy distribution

Building a centralized system for covid19 resource leads, co-verified by the people:



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